Larsen & Co


 Bookkeeping and accounting

1 Bookkeeping
2 Monthly/quarterly management accounts,
3 Weekly and/or monthly payroll processing,
4 Annual Financial Statements,
5 Credit control,
6 Accounting advice,
7 Cash management



In addition to preparing management accounts and annual financial statements, we also provide a range of other accountancy services to medium and small organisations, including advice and assistance to you in implementing control systems to help you maintain your own records, such as those required for VAT and PAYE compliance. We can recommend software programmes suitable to your needs, and ensure that you have the knowledge to maintain the day to day transactions, and maximise your use of the programmes.



1 Monthly/quarterly VAT returns,
2 Corporation tax or business income tax
3 Annual PAYE returns,
4 P11D preparation and submission,
5 Directors’ and proprietors’ personal tax returns,
6 Tax advice,
7 Tax planning,
8 Inheritance tax planning,

Our experienced tax advisor is responsible for the identification of tax planning and saving opportunities, which can arise from changes in legislation or a client's circumstances. We keep up to date with the ever changing tax legislation, allowing us to react quickly to the changes and ensure you enjoy the maximum benefit from any opportunities we identify. This can be accomplished through correspondence but we prefer to meet with our clients at regular intervals in order to review exisiting opportunities for them and to highlight any situations which should be avoided.


Company secretarial services

1 Provision of a company secretary,
2 Maintaining the company’s statutory books
3 Annual returns,
4 Minutes,
5 Statutory forms,
6 Company formation,
7 Company law advice.

With company legislation changing as fast as it does you must ensure that you and your fellow directors are protected. We can carry out company secretarial duties on your behalf to give you complete peace of mind, and save you spending your valuable time and resources in ensuring you are complying with the Companies Act.



Other services

1 Corporate and business finance
2 Business advice and consulting
3 Financial planning

We are also able to help with operating budgets and financial forecasts, and use these tools to assist with business acquisitions or reorganisations and raising finance or overdrafts.